Service Announcements

Attention: Stop Closures: Rte 1 : River N. of 7th (Men's Mission) (0:02) Rte 2: River N. of 7th (Men's Mission) (0:02) N. River & Douglas (0:05) N. River S. of Arthur (Pizza Hut) (0:37) N. River S. of Lakewood (Russ') (0:38) Rte 4: Beeline N. of Riley (Meijer - South Drive) (0:26) Greenly W. of 120th (Northpointe Apts) (0:29) Rte 5: 12th W. of S. River (City Hall/Library) (0:05) Pine S. of 12th (Third Reformed Church) (0:06) Pine S. of 16th (0:07) 18th W. of River (0:08) Pine S. of 21st (Moran Park) (0:11) 22nd & Maple (Aquatic Center) (0:12) S. Washington & Matt Urban Dr. (Taco Bell) (0:21) Regent Blvd & 48th (Crown Motors - Challenge Loop) (0:23) 12th W. of S. River (City Hall/Library) (0:41) Pine & 11th (0:42) 6th E. of College (0:46) Columbia N. of 7th (City Parking Garage) (0:47)
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